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Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity, A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women

By Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA



Are you caring for others at the expense of your own well-being? Do you let other people’s agendas take priority over your own? When was the last time you had a massage, facial or other spa treatment? This book is for you if you are a busy woman who needs to make self-care a priority, manage stress more effectively and serve others from a wellspring of vigor and vitality. This self-care primer provides tools, strategies and practices to support you in releasing stress, creating serenity, restoring BodyMindSpirit alignment and balance, and cultivating a home and workplace environment to maintain or enhance your optimal health and well-being.






Excerpt From Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity

The purpose of this little book is to provide tools, strategies and practices to support you in releasing stress, creating serenity and ultimately restoring BodyMindSpirit alignment, balance and circulation for optimal health and wellbeing.

The term BodyMindSpirit is formulated as one word because of the interrelationship of body, mind, spirit and the environment. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes are inter-related, inseparable aspects of the whole person. BodyMind- Spirit health and well-being is holistic and integrative, recognizing the whole person in relationship to and in interaction with your environment. Environment is more than physical surroundings. It includes natural, cultural, demographic, economic, political and technological factors that enhance or diminish conditions for growth and development.

Stress happens when one or more components of your BodyMindSpirit are out of sync, alignment or balance. You can reduce, manage and relieve stress by making self-care a priority. Key principles of self-care include:

• implementing daily BodyMindSpirit practices such as regular exercise, sound nutrition, and proper rest;

• cultivating positive beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, words and behaviors that create healthy, empowering results in your life;

• maintaining healthy boundaries by learning when and how to say “No,” “No, thank you,” or “No, not at this time” without guilt, shame or apology;

• taking “time-out” for pampering, play and quality time in nature;

• celebrating wins, successes, and achievements.

Each section of the book focuses on one component of BodyMindSpirit health, for clarity and simplicity. When you make a shift in any one component that shift involves and benefits the other components. Over time, you will experience BodyMind- Spirit health and well-being holistically.


PRAISES for Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity


“I am enjoying the book Releasing Stress and Creating Serenity by Harriet Tubman Wright. The perfect pocket book to remind us busy women the importance of body, mind and spirit self-care. This book is packed with suggestions for cultivating holistic wellness. I highly recommend it. Thank you Harriet!” Cassandra Herbert, Owner Just BEE Wellness

“This book has great energy! This is definitely a book to share with those dear friends that you love ~ makes a great gift.” Shirley Runco, Master Dowser

“I loved your book…it’s extremely valuable. I’m going to travel with it, so I have it wherever I go. Women of all races need to read this book.” Jerri Lange, Jerri A Black Woman’s Life in the Media

“Comprehensive, Comprehensive, Comprehensive…so informative, so organized, so detailed. How could you write so much in such an itsy, bitsy book?” Marion ‘Miss M’ Smith, Educator

“Thanks Harriet. I am enjoying your book! It is inspirational and I highly recommend it.” Rico Martin, Founder, IPoppit Art to Shares Smiles Daily

“Harriet! LOVE your booklet! It's the greatest!” Mary Patrick Kavanaugh, SOKA University

“I was just reading your book and love the wealth of information in this beautiful little powerful book! Congrats!!!” Suzanne Pequignot, Open Heart Creativity

“I want to thank you again for the book you sent. I am almost through reading it and I am inspired to make some positive changes in my life to take better care of myself. I am inspired.” Kimberley Gitchell, Public Service Professional

“I have just started reading my little primer, as a good way to set the pattern for the New Year.” Liz Gibbons, ARTCORPS Board Chair

“I've been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed your book! Had some time last weekend to sit with it and it was very relaxing. I especially enjoyed the step-by-step instruction you gave on relaxing the body, learning that you love to hula hoop, learning that Hatha Yoga is best for relieving stress and anxiety, and so much more. Very well done, Harriet! Congratulations!” Carmen Stone, Public Relations Professional & Event Producer

“Enjoying the book thus far... Will probably order some more... I gifted two relatives who love it and really resonate with it!” Naa Dodua-Diane Green, Educator

"I gifted 3 copies of your book for Christmas to women in my family :) awesome material!" India Alston, Event Producer