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At Our Little Books®, we are dedicated to producing educational, inspirational and fun little books for pocket or purse. Our hybrid model combines benefits from both traditional publishing with self-publishing. While our authors get all the quality publishing services needed to produce print as well as e-books, they also maintain their own copyright and thus, ownership of their little books.

We do not skimp on our quality standards. Our unique 4"x5.5" little books have a style and look that our authors expect. Prior to acceptance, each little book idea is passed through an Editorial Board to maintain the highest quality. Our staff of talented professionals provide editing, lay-out, design services while working closely with our authors to guarantee their vision of their book. We also provide author mentoring as we work closely with our authors to help them organize their ideas and ultimately produce their book.

Our books get to the market faster than a traditional publisher. While the usual time for an author to find an agent and publisher and get their book published is 2-3 years, we at Our Little Books can have a finished book for you in as little as 3-9 months, depending on the manuscript.

Our authors can sell their books and retain full cover price. This is perfect for the speaker who wants to sell a product in the back of the room or to local stores and bookstores. In addition, Our Little Books also sells their books through our website, Amazon and various e-book locations. When we sell a book, we pay royalties (generally 30% net) to our authors, so authors have two major ways of receiving payment. In addition, we are constantly seeking bulk sales of the little books to corporations, associations, and organizations.


While a perfect size for a novella or a collection of short stories, our authors tend to be leaders, speakers, coaches, and other service providers who are interested in the Our Little Books platform as a unique way to produce a marketing tool for their businesses. Their little books are filled with information and education which allows them to use the book as 'product' (e.g., sell in the back of the room, sell on their websites, etc.), or to gain credibility as an 'expert' in their field when they become a published author. They can give them away as a marketing tool, allowing potential clients to see the value of working with the author, or repurpose them to be used in a whole package. The uses of a little book are endless and we are often surprised at the creative ways our authors use their books. How would you use your little book?


If you are a reader and if you are like most people today, you are so busy that you often do not have the time to sit down and read a full-sized book, even if it will improve your life. The Our Little Books concept of little books will allow you to either begin, or continue, your journey to learn something meaningful with a little book that will inspire you, not overwhelm you. You can easily read a page or two while standing in a grocery line, sitting in a doctor’s office, or waiting to pick up your child.


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Follow our blog as we give you tips on how to find your passion, determine your audience, set your goals, develop your online presence and all the steps on how to write and publish your book. If you are thinking of publishing a book you will find the information you need here.

Check out our archives if you have questions about any aspect of publishing your book. Have questions on an author’s online platform? We have answers here. Have questions on how to self-edit your book or why you really need an outside editor as well? We have answers here. Have questions on getting motivated to write, your writing goals or writer’s block? We have answers here. If you don’t see the information you want, then please contact us or send us an email to: and let us know what you want to see!


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