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Leticia G. Dominguez 

Leticia is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Author. With over 18 years experience in the insurance industry, training, speaking and networking, she changed careers in order to find a more fulfilling life.   Leticia has developed her talents allowing her to snorkel in Hawaii, paraglide off the Alps in Switzerland, play in the gulf off the coast of Mexico and publish The Little Book of Luck; Luck is Simply a Choice.

Leticia G. is best described as an inspiring, understanding, compassionate coach who motivates her clients to create their masterpiece of life by having purpose filled visions, goals with accountability.  With her own experience as an example, she demonstrates the qualities and motivation it takes to achieve goals and dreams through positive thinking, affirmations and accepting the responsibility of each choice.

As she writes and speaks, Leticia engages her audience with enthusiasm and joy.  She describes life as a journey and through her personal experiences gives examples with stories that make one laugh or cry. Find out more about Leticia at



The Little Book of LUCK, Luck is Simply a Choice