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Karen Palmer

Karen is a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of three. In addition to being a full-time mom, Karen also works part-time as a college English professor. While she enjoys teaching, Karen's heart lies in building her own successful network marketing business and sharing the benefits of doing so with other moms. In 2008, Karen was blessed to have been introduced to an amazing company that aligns with her core values of Faith, Family, and Financial Freedom. In the past three years, with the help of some amazing mentors and team members, she has built a successful organization that has made the bad economy bearable and given her family hope that complete financial freedom is possible.

In fact, she loved the concept of network marketing so much that, in 2009, she joined with two of her favorite people, Judy O’Higgins and Kristi Lee, to publish a series of books written especially for women. In April of 2009, she published License to Play:  You Can Be the Mom of Your Dreams, a Little Book that encourages moms to consider building a business from home as a way to stay home with their children.

Fueled by their passion to help women get free, in 2010, Judy O’Higgins, Kristi Lee, and Karen published License to Dream:  Every Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing, which explains step by step how to build a successful network marketing business.  You can learn more about the vision behind License to Dream at  This year, they decided to team up to form the Network Marketing Dream Team with the mission to help women around the world get free!

Karen is so blessed to have the opportunity to help other moms find the courage and the determination to pursue their dreams and not give up on their hearts’ desire to be home with their children.  If you'd like to learn more about Karen, please visit her on her website at




LICENSE TO PLAY, You Can Be The Mom Of Your Dreams