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Julia M. Lindsey


For the past twenty-eight years, Julia has been an Occupational Therapist, specializing in pediatrics and committed to developing the potential of individual students in the school system so each child can be successful. She touches many lives by using her personal experiences and expertise to help others grow.

She has always been a student of personal development and committed to having goals. After four years of marriage and two babies, her commitment to personal development and faith in her own ability to achieve her dreams was certainly put to the test. Her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and heart disease; he eventually had to give up a successful law practice and stay at home. As the couple struggled to juggle their finances, health issues, and growing children, they were living by default instead of deliberately.

Even though Julia knew intellectually what she should do, she did not have role models to help her clarify her thoughts and apply those skills in a practical way to her own life. She managed to keep a positive attitude, but it took nearly fifteen years for her to find life balance and a sense of control in her life. From her own personal experience, she knows that there are many individuals who could learn to live a more fulfilling life if they knew that they could simply make a choice to do that. Her books, Joy is Simply a Choice and Abundance is Simply a Choice reflect that hard-earned wisdom.



The Little Book of Abundance, Abundance is Simply a Choice






The Little Book of Joy, Joy is Simply a Choice