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Discover How Becoming a Published Author Will Improve Your Credibility and Make You an Expert in Your Field! 

How Do I Get Started?


First Steps

There are many things to think about if you are considering writing a little book. But obviously, the very first question you need to ask yourself is, why do you want to become a published author? If you are a business, what kind of business development are you doing? Do you want a book to sell at the back of the room after a presentation? If you are looking to write a book not directly related to your business, do you have a story line in mind? Do you want to write poetry?

What Our Little Books Will Do For You

The bottom line is that no matter why you want to write a book, we at Our Little Books can help you go from beginning idea to finished little book. We can help you ask the right questions so that you have a clear understanding of where you are going with your idea and then help get it on paper. Once you have your ideas, we provide step by step attention to your manuscript and cover, providing all the necessary services including editing, lay out, cover design and printing until your book is something you can be proud of. We will even provide an e-book version of your book! And most importantly, all along this process, you will be mentored by an Our Little Books Publishing Consultant so you don't feel like you are doing this alone!


Think you don't have the time or you aren't a writer (you may be surprised in what you can do after you talk with us!), then let one of our ghostwriters assist you. The ghostwriter will contact you and interview you, compiling a document for you to review, revise and approve. It will be your ideas and work just written in professional format by someone else.


All you need to do is CONTACT US NOW for a free 45 minute Publishing Consult. After the consult, you will have to knowledge and confidence to understand where you are going, what you will need to do, and how to move forward with YOUR little book.