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Candace C. Davenport, JD

Candace spent over thirty years as an attorney, representing disabled people who were trying to get Social Security Disability. After retiring, she recognized the importance of helping people have affordable access to the legal system and began marketing Pre-Paid Legal plans and Identity Theft protection through Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Her association with Pre-Paid Legal Services led her to become a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist.

As part of her expertise, Candace wrote The Little Book of Identity Theft. Candace lectures and trains people in Identity Theft protection, using the first educational book in the Our Little Books® educational line, The Little Book of Identity Theft, as a primer.

A devotee of personal development, Candace continues her lifelong passion for helping people by providing inspirational books through Our Little Books®. Besides playing tennis, her other passion is capturing and banding raptors during migration season.





 The Little Book of Identity Theft






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