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Can You Judge a Book by it’s Cover (Design)?

Healthy Living with DiabetesThey say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But in reality, if you walk through a book store, some covers just jump off the shelf at you. Why does one book grab your eye, while you pass over many others? What is it that attracts you and makes you actually pick up to the book to see more? The bottom line is that if you want to sell your book, you need to have a well designed cover.

This is especially true if you are going to self publish your book. You want to make sure you carefully consider your cover design because the first impression of your cover can make a difference in how well your book is received and your cover will make a big difference to whether it is purchased or not.

How do you do that? Well, the color and picture on the front of the book is what first attracts the most attention and the title should be catchy enough to add to that first attraction. After the front cover has caught the attention of the reader it still needs to be compelling enough to make the potential reader actually pick up the book to read the back. The back of the book is where the reader decides to buy or not. A potential reader will spend an average of 3 seconds on the front cover and 8-15 seconds on the back cover. That is not a long time to convince a reader to buy, so you can see why your cover has to be good!

The introduction on the back cover should be clear, concise and catchy. For example, if you had a book on credit repair you may want to start with "Do you want to increase your credit score?” Then, give them some ways the book will help them achieve that. The reader will look at the back of the book to see if the book will answer their questions or entertain them. If the introduction is good they will briefly look inside the book and then glace back at the cover.

The back cover should also include a short bio with your picture. Your reader will want to contact with you on a personal level and a picture will allow them to do that. Your bio should give them information that tells them why you are qualified to write the book.

A great book cover design will increase sales. Need help? There are many design companies that specialize in book cover design. However, it is important to choose a designer that can capture the message you want to convey and attract attention to your book.

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How to become an expert.

How would you like to improve your bottom line? Would you like the phones ringing asking you for your expert opinion? There are several ways to become an expert in your field. If you are in business long enough and have enough contacts in your field you will eventually been seen as an expert, but who wants to wait that long.

 Who do you know that is an  expert? Why do you think of them as an expert?  Are customers calling them? Do they really know more than you? Probably not. Their success may seem to be out of your reach.   Most of the experts are just like you and usually don’t know any more about the field than you do. So what makes them special?  Experts deliberately do a series of activities that helped them achieve expert status. It is not an easy road but it will yield great results in the long run and customers will begin looking for you.

First thing you must do is actually know what you are doing. You can't pretend to be an expert, someone will catch on. You actually have to have some expertise  and knowledge in your field. If you are new to a field you can gain knowledge quickly by attending seminars, reading journals, shadowing someone with the skills you desire and of course, hands on experience. 

Next you must begin developing key relationships with other business owners.  Whether you want national attention or local attention, the steps are similar. You will need to network with other businesses either through local  or national networking events and through social networking such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You should use these tools to build relationships and trust. Business networking organizations encourage businesses to promote each other.

Next you must start by giving your expertise away so that people will begin to ask you questions.  I know you are thinking, “I thought I was supposed to be improving my bottom line?” You can give expert advice without giving away services. Example: respond to a post on a LinkedIn discussion, or start a blog and give tips on a topic related to your service. Speak at a local chamber event, or write an article and post it on an online journal. When you hear someone speak on a topic you are more likely to go to them when you need additional help. 

After you have some credibility  you should write a book. Writing a book is one of the quickest ways to increase credibility and establish yourself as an expert. If you have been writing articles, posting blogs or speaking at local events you probably are well on your way to writing a book. The book doesn’t have to be a text book. In fact if you are going to use it to promote yourself to your customers it would be better to keep it simple with easy to read terminology. Once you have published your book many will immediately see you as an expert. I just spoke to a life coach that published her first little book. She said she had a prospective client that had been telling her for months that he was going to schedule an appointment. Soon after her book was released he made an appointment and told her he had never meet a published author. Granted her level of expertise did not improve with a little book, but her credibility with her clients did. Books are great to sell at the back of the room when you give a presentation, give to someone thinking about your services, sell on your website or give away as a promotional item.

 Publishing a book is easier than it used to be. In the past you would have had to submit your manuscript to publishing company and hope they would see the value in your topic. The problem with a business book is it usually is geared toward a niche market and not appealing to the masses. Now you can self-publish a book and use it for your own purposes. There are many self publishing companies out there that have all of the services you need to publish your book.


 Next time you look at the expert in your field remember they are not that much different than you. They have just taken a few extra steps and now their customers are calling them for advice. The work that you do now will pay off in the long run.

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